Breakthrough in Global Markets: LHI Delivers 2000MW Electrolyzer Stack Whole Line to Fortune Global 500 Customer
time:2023/11/02 16:08:24

In October 2023, LHI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuxi LEAD, achieved a significant milestone by delivering their PEM electrolyzer stack whole line to a Fortune Global 500 customer. This accomplishment marks the largest overseas order ever secured by a Chinese company in the hydrogen energy sector. From project initiation to delivery, LHI completed the entire process in just 4 months, and the customer has praised their work.

LHI is dedicated to offering turnkey solutions for fuel cell production, PEM electrolyzer production, and test lines. Leveraging over 20 years of R&D, production, and comprehensive service expertise from their parent company, LEAD, LHI now possesses the capability to design, manufacture, and deliver the complete line of PEM hydrogen production equipment. The PEM electrolyzer stack line delivered in this project incorporates various innovative technologies from LHI, significantly increasing the stacking speed of the fuel cell stack, ensuring high precision and consistency at high speed, and enabling intelligent production line operation. This project underscores LHI's leadership in hydrogen energy equipment technology.


Pioneering technology is the result of continuous research and innovation. In 2023, LHI developed critical equipment for hydrogen production processes, including single-cell production, ALK separator production, and MEA production. Notably, their MEA production equipment resolved challenges related to large-area catalyst transfer uniformity and sealing process bubbles, positioning LHI as an industry leader.

This project highlights LHI's impressive international delivery capabilities. They swiftly assembled a dedicated team at the project's outset to ensure its smooth progress. Utilizing their well-established technical capabilities and robust supply chain system, LHI successfully completed equipment acceptance and delivery within just four months of winning the bid, setting a new benchmark for China's smart manufacturing in the eyes of the customer. Currently, LHI has supplied PEM electrolyzer automatic production lines, fuel cell equipment, and other hydrogen energy equipment to renowned domestic and international enterprises, empowering them to embrace intelligent manufacturing with reduced costs, increased efficiency, and enhanced stability.

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Looking ahead, LHI remains committed to leading the advancement of hydrogen energy equipment technology and propelling the global industrialization of hydrogen fuel cells. Their vision is to become the world's most influential hydrogen energy equipment enterprise, championing "zero carbon" development in the new energy industry through intelligent manufacturing.