Lead and SHPT signs a strategic cooperation agreement
time:2022/08/23 15:54:27

On August 23rd, LEAD and SHPT signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Lu Bingbing, general manager of SHPT and Wang Yanqing, chairman of LEAD signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Zhang Jianshi, vice general manager of SHPT, Shi Weiyu, director of SHPT Electric Stack Development Department, and Dr. Shao Meng, general manager of LHi attended the event and witnessed the signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, the two parties will establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership to jointly promote the development of hydrogen energy industry and realize the comprehensive technology upgrade and independent control of China's hydrogen energy industry.


Lu Bingbing said that he looked forward to further technical cooperation between the two parties. Wang Yanqing believed that after this signing, the two parties can jointly explore the key technology of hydrogen energy in the future and have extensive development space.


The signing of this strategic agreement means that LEAD and SHPT have upgraded to an all-round strategic partnership, and both parties will establish a more efficient business linkage mechanism to reach the strategic goal of mutual benefit and common development.