Lead Intelligent Equipment Empowers InoBat's Vision: Launching Slovakia's First Battery Production Line
time:2023/12/18 15:03:55

Voderady, December 15th, 2023: Lead Intelligent Equipment (LEAD), a global leader in battery manufacturing equipment, is proud to announce the successful launch of the first battery cell production line in Slovakia, a groundbreaking achievement realized in collaboration with the company InoBat. The state-of-the-art production line, situated adjacent to InoBat's research & development laboratories in Voderady, marks a significant milestone in transforming a brownfield site into a cutting-edge, commercially operational facility for the country.


The culmination of efforts between InoBat and LEAD has resulted in the realization of a bespoke production line with a maximum installed capacity of 50,000 battery cells annually. It encompasses 35 cutting-edge machines, employing the latest high-speed layering technology. The line covers the entire production process, from preparing anode and cathode mixtures to final formation and aging.

The journey of the production line from China to Slovakia, spanning 24,169 kilometers, involved meticulous logistical planning and the dedicated efforts of the InoBat team and 60 experts and engineers from LEAD.  The successful deployment of the line, completed in just four months, has not only facilitated the establishment of this transformative facility but also showcased the seamless integration of LEAD´s globally recognized battery manufacturing expertise.


LEAD´s Chairman, Mr. Yanqing Wang, was present at the launch event, emphasizing LEAD´s commitment to fostering collaborative endeavors that contribute to the advancement of green energy solutions. The ceremony, attended by strategic partners, investors, clients, government officials, and development partners, further highlighted the significance of this achievement in propelling Slovakia into the forefront of the evolving automotive industry.

Kamil Šaško, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, expressed his appreciation for the project, acknowledging its role in bolstering the automotive industry, attracting talent, and transforming the labor market. 

With the pilot production of the first Slovakian batteries scheduled for Q1 2024, LEAD anticipates continued success and growth in its collaborative efforts with InoBat, contributing to the sustainable future of electromobility in Slovakia and beyond.