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Average market capital: 100 billion RMB
Authorized patents: 2148+
Employees: 21000+

Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. ("LEAD" in short), established in 1999, is listed with stock code 300450 in 2015. We focuses on eight business fields, i.e., Li-ion battery intelligent equipment, PV intelligent equipment, 3C intelligent equipment, intelligent logistics, intelligent automobile production line, hydrogen energy equipment, laser precision processing and machine vision. LEAD is now recognized as the leading brand of new energy equipment, the largest turnkey solution provider of Li-ion battery intelligent production line, and the largest non-standard equipment manufacturer.


LEAD is possessing a manufacuturing and R&D base of over 1000,000㎡, over 21,000 employees, among them, over 6,000 are R&D engineers. Over the years, LEAD R&D investment is contantly maintained over 10% of the revenue, and has obtained more than 2,200 authorized patents. LEAD is also having a firm holding of the highest market share in the new energy equipment market.


In 2022, LEAD's market capital reached 13.6 billion RMB. With employees in 16 countries and regions, LEAD has established 15 subsidiaries and more than 50 service outlets around the world. Products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea and Sweden. 


Under the leadership of Chairman Wang Yanqing, LEAD focuses on technological innovation, global operation, and industrial trailblazing. LEAD has been awarded "National Enterprise Technology Center", "Commendation Award of China Industrial Grand Prize", "First Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award", "2022 China Industrial Enterprise Manufacturing Special Equipment No.1", "Forbes 2022 China Top 50 Innovative Enterprises", "Jiangsu Provincial Governor Quality Award", "China Machinery Top 500", etc.

1. Won 20GWh and 13GWh Li-ion battery equipment orders from VW and ACC respectively
2. Set up subsidiaries in France, Netherlands, Turkey and an office in Slovakia
3. Acquired ONTECH to accelerate European localization
1. Developed capacitor equipment
2. Provided capacitor equipment to Panasonic
1. Set up Wuxi Lead Auto Equipment Company
1. Provided equipment to Panasonic and TDK plants in China, Brazil, India, etc.
1. Developed capacitor winder to replace the imported ones
1. Cooperated with Sony, entered the Li-ion battery industry and set up Li-ion battery business unit
2. Exported auto winding m/c to COOPER in the USA
1. Entered PV industry and provide solar energy cell auto production equipment for Wuxi Suntech
2. Developed the first-generation PV auto equipment in China
1. Developed Li-ion battery winding and welding equipment for Sony
2. Awarded as "Jiangsu New High-tech Enterprise"
1. Developed Li-ion battery stacking m/c and auto vacuum EL filling m/c
2. Became a joint-stock company: Wuxi Lead Auto Equipment Co., Ltd. on Dec. 27th, 2011
1. Developed 1st-generation auto stringer for PV unit
2. Awarded as "Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center", "Jiangsu Engineering and Technology Research Center" and "Jiangsu Pilot Enterprise for Industrialization and Informatization"
1. Developed EV Li-ion cell winding m/c
2. Developed digital Li-ion cell welding and winding m/c
3. Developed new TAB welding m/c, electrode slitting m/c, separator slitting m/c, electrode notching m/c and cell assembly m/c
4. Solar cell stringer won the gold medal of "Excellent New Product in Jiangsu"
1. Awarded as "National Pilot Enterprise for Industrialization and Informatization"
2. EV and digital Li-ion cell equipment lead the global and apply in BMW and Apple products
1. Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on May 18th and named Lead Share with stock code 300450
2. Changed the company name to "Wuxi Lead Intelligent Co., Ltd." and the stock name to "Lead Intelligent"
3. Developed cylindrical Li-ion cell core equipment-high speed winding m/c
4. Awarded as "Demonstration of Intelligent Workshop in Jiangsu Province"
1. Welding and winding m/c for prismatic Li-ion cell were awarded the well-known products in both Wuxi city and Jiangsu province
2. Chairman Wang Yanqing was awarded "Excellent Entrepreneur of Jiangsu" and the company is awarded "Management Innovation Outstanding Enterprise in Jiangsu"
3. Lu Yongxiang, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the 11th NPC, visited Wuxi Lead
1. Acquired Zhuhai Titans New Power to provide whole line Li-ion battery manufacturing turnkey solution
2. Set up 3C business unit
3. Awarded Gold Medal in the "10th Wuxi City Patent Award" of 2017
4. Welding and winding integrated m/c was awarded the "Science and Technology Award in Jiangsu Province"
1. Chairman Wang Yanqing was listed among top 50 CEOs of Chinese listed enterprise
2. Wan Exiang, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of NPC and Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee, visited Wuxi Lead
3. Set up subsidiaries and branches in the USA, Japan, and South Korea.
4. First release of PV cell and assembly manufacturing turnkey solution
5. Set up four new business units, i.e., fuel cell, automotive business, logistics and laser
1. Named as"Demonstration enterprise as manufacturing single champion" by the Ministry of Industry and Information
2. LEAD 20th anniversary and unveiled the manufacturing base for high-end new energy equipment
3. LEAD won the title as "2019 intelligent manufacturing system solution supplier" of the Ministry of Industry and Information
4. Won the whole line Li-ion battery equipment order from Northvolt in Europe
5. Set up the Sweden subsidiary
6. Won the whole line Li-ion battery equipment order from Tesla
1. Independently developed and succeed in test production of the first hydrogen energy roll-to-roll production
2. Won the Module & Pack production line order from BMW
3. Set up Germany and India subsidiary
4. High-speed stacking m/c secured over 60% market share, cylindrical cell production reached 355ppm, and shipment of long pouch cell equipment in quantity
5. Developed TOPCon solar power cell whole line; PV stringer efficiency over 9000pcs/hr
6. Laser cell cutting, FPC flexible PCB board drilling, laser engraving m/c (LOC) and laser marking m/c were well accepted by clients
1. Market capital exceeded 100 billion RMB in July, becoming the first stock in new energy equipment industry
2. Awarded as "Quality Award of the Provincial Governor of Jiangsu", and Chairman Wang Yanqing, as the only representative from the manufacturing industry, was invited to the conference of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
3. Awarded as "The First Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award"
4. Set up the Vietnam office
Over the years, LEAD has been widely acclaimed among governments, clients and in the industry, receiving titles including Demonstration Enterprise of Individual Manufacturing Champion(certified by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), Intelligent Manufacturing Turnkey Solution Provider(also by MIIT), and awards such as first prize in China's Mechanical Industry Science and Technology Award, Provincial Governor Quality award .
Intelligent Manufacturing Turnkey Solution Provider
National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise
Demonstration Enterprise of Individual Manufacturing Champion
Provincial Governor Quality Award
China Mech Top 500 Certificate
Standard Implementation Enterprise of National Industrialization and Informationization Certificate
2021 Hydrogen Energy Mechanical Industry Science and Technology Award
2019 High-tech Enterprise